New webpage for the common European data space for cultural heritage

Still Life with Books, a Globe and Musical Instruments by Jan Vermeulen – Mauritshuis, Netherlands – Public Domain

The data space for cultural heritage comprises cutting-edge infrastructure, a vibrant community and a suite of products, frameworks and tools which facilitate the open and trustworthy sharing of heritage data across Europe. A new webpage – launched by the Europeana Initiative and its partners – offers an overview of these resources and activities.

Use it to discover the data space in numbers, the partners and organisations behind it, projects which support it and its principal products.


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The common European data space for cultural heritage was launched in 2022 as part of the European data strategy and is all about the digital transformation of Europe’s cultural sector. Next to 13 other data spaces in strategic and public interest domains, it will be part of Europe’s digital ecosystem to share open and trustworthy data across countries.

The data space shall provide an efficient infrastructure consisting of products, frameworks and tools to facilitate the establishment of easy sharing without technical barriers. Thus, the participation of cultural heritage institutions in research and development shall increase. The focus of the intitiative lies on the exploitation of cultural heritage assets in the 3D sector and on encouraging reuse and dissemination of the data. The data space will also be interoperable with the other 13 data spaces to enable standardised workflows, innovation and discovery.

With the Europeana TwinIt! project under the Spanish Presidency the first step to a pan-European collection of 3D-digitised heritage assets was taken. Europe’s member states were asked to decide for one heritage object in their region to digitise in 3D and thus strengthen this approach of preserving cultural assets prone to environmental impacts like decay through weather and time or destruction due to various reasons. In addition, the access to these objects will be easier.

The data space for cultural heritage is still in the conception phase, but already taking shape. The latest addition is the new information website about the project and its outreach. There you can browse through the aims and the latest news of the project as well as other projects supporting the data space.

Newly created website of the common European data space for cultural heritage

The data space is a very extensive project that deals with questions of infrastructure, data quality frameworks, capacity building and dissemination of data to the public. These are the important points on the way to a successful project and were prioritised in the first year of the project.

If you want to learn more about those developments, look into the annual report 2022-2023.