On this page you will find courses (eg. MOOCs, webinars) developed by Europeana together with its community partners.

Europeana MOOCs

  • Digital Education with Cultural Heritage
    Cultural heritage has a crucial role to play in education. While languages, syllabi and curricula may change across the globe, the challenging need to look at the past to understand the present is shared among generations and it is universal. With the aim of increasing digital cultural data as a trusted primary source to implement innovative pedagogies and fight disinformation, the Europeana “Digital Education with Cultural Heritage” MOOC empowers teachers and educators to use new technologies. This online course improves their understanding of the educational potential of digital cultural heritage so they can efficiently integrate it into their lessons and practices, regardless of the subject they teach.
    Join the Europeana MOOC on ‘Digital Education with Cultural Heritage’ from February 27 – April 12 2023.

  • Digital Education
    This MOOC, first organized in 2021 and now re-run, is dedicated to teachers, non-formal educators, or anyone with an interest in designing educational activities using Europeana.
    It aims to increase trust in digital cultural heritage as a primary source and empower teachers to use digital technologies.
    Join the Europeana MOOC on ‘Digital Education with Cultural Heritage’ from February 7 – March 23 2022.

Europeana Webinars

Train yourself with the Europeana webinars on the following topics:

  • Copyright
  • Digital Skills
  • Education
  • Engaging Audiences
  • Impact
  • Inclusive Heritage
  • Research
  • Sharing Data
  • Tech

Europeana Email Courses

  • Europena offers email courses on certain topics like creating animated GIFs etc.

Europeana Education Handbook

Teaching with Europeana – Learning Scenarios

In cooperation with European Schoolnet, Europeana developed “Teaching with Europeana”, where educators can share learning scenarios they want to use or did already use via an implementation in combination with Europeana’s resources. The Learning Scenarios provide structured templates for teaching with cultural heritage resources.

View here selected learning scenarios with natural history content: