Connected Content: The LinBi Enrichment Platform

The LinBi enrichment platform was developed within the CEF project LinBi (Linking Biodiversity and Cultural Heritage). The platform supports the online collabortion of institutions (and individuals) in the creation of enriched and connected content to be published on Europeana or on the LinBi website.

On Europeana the connected content is published in so-called Galleries.
The whole process promotes better understanding of selected topics and offers educators a trusted resource of digital objects for knowledge transfer.

Natural History institutions interested in creating an expert gallery can request access to the LinBi enrichment platform. Having registered you can group digital Europeana objects and briefly describe your gallery. The gallery will later be included in the Natural History Topic on Europeana Portal for re-use by educators and the public.

Access or request access to the LinBi enrichment platform for data enrichment (linking, enriching and creating new objects).

Online Courses: BIOTALENT

The former Erasmus+ project BIOTALENT offers a template for creating your own MOOC on biodiversity and climate change.