Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard/ Metadata Object Description Schema

Introduction and Specifications

METS/MODS is a metadata format that combines three different standards:

The format is designed for a hierarchical XML-view and was originally created by the Network Development and MARC Standards Office and the Library of Congress to describe the structures of digitized documents in an exchangable way. The goal was to establish a common standard for archives and libraries. It also supports the usage of attributes in combination with URIs (LOD).
METS is responsible for the administrative and the structural properties of the data, whereas MODS describes the bibliographic features of the objects.

Additional Material

Mandatory Fields for Europeana

(1) titleInfo/title(6) dv:rights
(2) language/languageTerm(7) dv:owner
(3) identifier(8) genre
(4) subject/topic(9) subject/geographic
(5) dv:presentation(10) subject/temporal
(6) typeOfResource

Recommended Fields for Europeana

(1) name/displayForm(3) originInfo/publisher
(2) originInfo/dateIssued