Quality management is a big and important part for ensuring findability, reusability and interoperability of the data delivered. Europeana developed a framework that ranks the data concerning their quality. The more information and depth development is offered, the more you get from Europeana in terms of visibility. The quality concerns both the metadata and the digital objects, the content. Here you will find a bit more about content quality.

Content Tiers

The content tiers are part of the framework developed by Europeana. There are four tiers (1-4) with 4 having the highest quality. Until recently you could also have tier 0, but those objects will no longer be shown on Europeana due to the lack in quality. Europeana mentions three categories that can influence the quality of your content: direct link to object provided, rights statement and Europeana API displays.

Category ExplanationBenefits
Direct link to object provided– providing a direct link to the object is mandatory
– quality of this category is proportionally linked to the size of the digital resource
high quality objects can be used in different fields like Europeana collections, educational projects or research
Rights statement– providing a Creative Commons or rightsstatements license is mandatory
– quality of this category increases with the possibility of re-usage of the objects
the more open your license, the better are the re-usage possibilities
Europeana API displays– for the Europeana APIs you have to provide your metadata with a direct link to the object
– quality increases in combination with reusability of the objects
objects can become a full part of Europeana and explore the bandwidth of its functionalities

If you want to learn more about the Europeana Publishing Framework and the content tiers you can visit Europeana’s website, view the quick summary or the video below.

Europeana Content Tiers

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